Gallery 406 Interiors

"Recently, we contacted Rebecca Compton of Gallery 406 Interiors, LLC in Sumter about installing new Hunter Douglas PowerView automated shades in six large windows in the family room of our house on the lake. From the initial telephone contact to the more detailed home visit; from ordering the shades to installing the final product, we were completely satisfied and delighted with the results. Rebecca’s professionalism and commitment to the customer’s satisfaction was evident throughout the entire process and we highly recommend this company"
"We are loving it (our kitchen)! We can work side by side with no problems! Just a comfortable place. Thanks again!"
The Prescotts
"I am so happy with everything that's been done....and now eager to do the other bathroom. Thanks for everything. You have done a GREAT job ​and you may now list me among your satisfied customers."
V. Ray
"Thank you for making my bathroom & bedrooms come together so nicely before I put my house on the market. You have the professional eye that made my life easier & my home more beautiful. Great workers also & would do business again...."
Suzanne M.
"We hired Rebecca to design a new kitchen for us and the end result is everything that we had hoped for and more. We wanted a kitchen that functioned well for our two person cooking style and it now works perfectly. She took the time to sit down and work with us so that every detail was covered. That included designing the space so that we could both work without getting in each others way as well as making everything easy to store where you need and use it. Rebecca's kitchen design and the final product not only functions but is also beautiful to look at. Our project expanded to include a major remodel of our entire living space and we are more than pleased with the results. What was once a dark and non functional area in our lake home is now the total focal part of our home and we love it."
The Bergens